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Niroo Farab Co. is designer and producer of intelligent control system of greenhouse climate. During activity in the field of greenhouse and regarding to the need of producers to fogger system, and providing required humidity of greenhouse, this company try to import and distribute the fogger equipment. its hope to progress in the field of produce high quality greenhouse production in Iran

What is fogger system?

Fogger system that is named nozzle fogger system or mist one, is an effective and efficient instrument for cooling and providing humidity of wide and accrete places such as flower, plant and fungus greenhouses, aviculture and cow keeping saloons, and open or close industrial area

Advantages of fogger system

Providing desired humidity of saloon Decrease saloon temperature Prevent from pest growth Quality and quantity Increscent of production Dust decrement

Operation method of fogger system

Cold fogger system works by electro pump–polyamide tube or steel tube and anti-drop nozzles and filtration system (water enter to fogger system with electro pump pressure and powder by nozzle and change to fog). In fact, main purpose is produce of tiny ingredient of water in range of 10 to 150 microns (according to consumption) by fogger nozzle and its distribution in space uniformly

The ingredients are levitated because of fineness and weightless and also high level of surface to volume, and evacuate in area by fast absorption of present heat, so area is cooled and increase inside humidity of saloon without any sign of wetness on the surface

 Used in


Nature cooler

cow keeping


fungus cultivation


Fogger equipment and supplies

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