Intelligent Heater Thermostat

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Heater controller


FARAB, s intelligent thermostat


According to the needs of users to control the heating systems, the Niroofarab company has built up an intelligent system that can control all heating systems and fixes the resulting errors


- Carefully in adjust the desired temperature of the saloon

- Significant reduction in fuel consumption

- Reduce human error

- Improve the quality and quantity of the product


Can be installed on all of fans and torches and  heating system

ترموستات هوشمند گلخانه فراب کنترلر هیتر


Creation the optimal ambient temperature:

With this thermostat, you can fine-tune the desired temperature for the saloon

Delay in Fan and Torch Performance:

This option makes the hot temperature blown into the saloon by fan and also after turn off torch, hot temperature of torch direct to saloon and prevent from torch depreciation and energy loss.

Show inside and torch temp:

Inside temp and torch one can be seen on monitor.

Correct operation test of heater:

After turn on heater, its operation is tested by system and warned to user if there was any problem.

Automatic reset of heater:

Almost for some reason such as decrease or increase of gas pressure, block tube of gasoline and so on, heater can’t turn on and reset. Meanwhile Farab, s intelligent thermostat automatically turns on it.

Show min and max of inside and torch temp:

Min and max of inside and torch temp save in system during 24 hours and you can access to this easily.

Alarm for decrease temp:

If inside temp decrease from considered temp, system warn to user by alarm.

Text alarm system:

When every alarm occurs, its text shows on monitor so user can detect and solve it easily.

Protection from fire:

If heater, s fan is defected, system can detect it, turn off heater and prevent form turn on heater then warn to user so prevent from fire.

Ability of send and receive SMS:

The set can send and receive SMS when there is a problem in system


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